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Play Nobita With Ghost Game

Nobita With Ghost

Help Nobita escape the apparition who are accessible to alarm him to death. Avoid the apparition by jum...

Play Reclaym Game


Plasticine bear wants to escape from the plasticine factory. He's got various skills and tricks, and he...

Play Funky Forest Game

Funky Forest

You have to collect all the acorns you can see on the screen in order to advance to the next screen. So...

Play Mario Dk Battle Game

Mario Dk Battle

Princess has been kidnapped by Donkey Kong. Help maio pass all the level and rescue princess from Donke...

Play Once Upon A Life Game

Once Upon A Life

Guide Harry and his jetpack-walking-sticks through a touching story of life and love. Features full sou...

Play The Pretender 2 Game

The Pretender 2

What has been done with magic must be undone with magic, if you have the wits to find the way... Lead a...

Play Roberts Robot Repair Game

Roberts Robot Repair

Help Robert repair all of his robots in his shop.

Play Teddys Adventure Game

Teddys Adventure

Teddy was taking the cart going out travelling with his masters, while a fallow dear got in their way. ...

Play Slender Run Game

Slender Run

You find yourself alone at night in an old playground forgotten by time. The eerie moon light casts sha...

Play Dyna Boy Game

Dyna Boy

A fun and cute game about a boy mining for minerals! Collect dynamite and blow up soil, rocks and other...

Play Test Subject Green Game

Test Subject Green

The second chapter in the test subject series with new development afoot

Play Doras Treasure Game

Doras Treasure

Help Dora collect all the strawberries and get the key to complete this dangerous adventure! Arrow keys...

Play Tokyo Guinea Pop Game

Tokyo Guinea Pop

Bubble Guinea Pop returns, this time in Tokyo Zoo. Help the Guinea Pigs use snakes and bubblegum to res...

Play Rescue My Prince Game

Rescue My Prince

Let go of my prince! The princess is going crazy, for his beloved prince was kidnapped by a strange mys...

Play Zombies Paradiso Game

Zombies Paradiso

Set bombs to blow up all zombies. Look out for those zombies as well as your own bombs!

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